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Virtual currencies, real risks. The only guarantee in crypto is risk.


the value of your virtual currencies can rise or fall sharply, and your initial investment may be lost completely;
virtual currencies are not covered by the guarantee funds that cover bank deposits;
there is no legal mechanism on the virtual currencies market to prevent market manipulation or insider dealing;
virtual currencies depend entirely on a specific computer technology and infrastructure, which in some cases may be very recent and not yet adequately tested;
if you lose the identification code or password giving access to the virtual wallet where the virtual currency is stored, the currency held therein will be irretrievably lost;
the acceptance of virtual currencies as a means of payment is currently quite limited, and in most countries there is no legal obligation to accept them;
for more information about the risks associated with an investment in virtual currencies, we advise you to read the Wikifin page What is a cryptocurrency? (available in French - Dutch only).

This disclaimer is only intended to consumers in Belgium.

Updated on: 06/07/2023

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