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Where can I find my wallet address?

The cryptocurrencies you own with Finst are not stored on the blockchain in your personal wallet address. The deposit address shown in your account is only used to deposit cryptocurrencies.

Important: Because every cryptocurrency has its own network, you need a different deposit address for every cryptocurrency. For instance, you should never send Bitcoin to your Bitcoin Cash wallet address as this will result in losing your Bitcoin.

You can find your personal deposit address for every specific cryptocurrency by following the steps below:

Log in to your Finst account and click on the “Deposit” button on the market page
Search the crypto you want to deposit and click on it
Carefully read the deposit requirements and warnings
The deposit address of your Finst wallet for this particular cryptocurrency will be displayed and can be copied by clicking on the copy icon next to the address

Warning: Deposits made through an unsupported network will result in the permanent loss of your cryptocurrencies.

Updated on: 19/07/2023

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